HIQ Metal Parts for Gundam Customization

HIQ Parts – Metal Upgrade Parts for Gundam Customization Build

Great news guys! MVPFigure.com will be selling HIQ Parts from Japan. They are famous for creating high quality products, especially their metal minus mold, metal thrusters (or verniers), metal energy pipe and super sharp metal spike for all the Zeon MS!

Mr Crystal Color (Pearl Color) Effect on Gundam Model

Using Mr Crystal Color (Pearl Colour) on Gundam Model

The Brunei HobbyCon 2014 Plamo Challenge is coming in June! I have prepared a Purple MS-06EO Zaku II and a last minute painted Jesta for this contest. Thanks to my fellow toy collecting comrade Johnny, I get to test the Mr Crystal Color, or common known as pearl effect paint on Gunpla.

Super Robot Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z Review

Super Robot Chogokin – Shin Mazinger Z

This Super Robot Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z is my loot few months ago. However I’m not able to do photo shoot as often as I wish (weather / human factor). However, I managed to get a few photos and hopefully more updates in future. There are Shin Getter 1 and Mazinkaiser still in the que…

Topeam SD Optimus Prime Shattered Glass

Topeam SD Style Optimus Prime Shattered Glass Ver

This is one adorable Optmius Prime plastic model kit by Topeam. There are 2 version, original Autobots Optimus Prime and the Evil Optimus Prime from the Shattered Glass series. Although the official photos are awesome, let’s have a look if it lives up to our expectation.

Kotobukiya Co-Puche Dark Magician Girl Review

Kotobukiya Co-Puche Dark Magician Girl Figure Review

p>Phew… after waited for 2 weeks, I managed to to received the parcel before Hari Raya. Among all the loots I bought my favourite female character since ages ago, the Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! She is released under the Kotobukiya Co-Puche series as an chibi action figure.

HGUC 1/144 GM Quel EO Custom WIP 5

HGUC 1/144 GM Quel EO Custom WIP 5

This is getting longer and longer because I did many mistakes when dealing with paints. To be honest, this build is taken too long and I’m tired of it.

HGUC 1/144 GM Quel EO Custom WIP 3

HGUC 1/144 GM Quel EO Custom WIP 3

Months ago, I learnt the importance of good primer / surfacer the hard way with my Jesta EO. After a lot of paint chip and heart breaking experience, this time I’m using Mr surfacer 1200 Grey for the GM Quel EO Custom.