EO’s prediction on Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit Revolution

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Ever since Bandai announced the large Master Grade Gunpla, which is called Master Grade Revolution that will lead MG Gunpla series into a new era. There is still 4 days and 14 hours until the launch time so I’ll do some prediction on MVPFigure.com.

You can check the Bandai Hobby Site announcement page here.

EO's prediction on Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit Revolution

EO’s prediction on Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit Revolution

  • Go Big! 1/72 scale MG Gunpla

    Since Bandai mentioned it is going to be “big”, it is safe to say 1/72 scale will be one step up from the usual 1/100 MG. 1/60 is unlikely since it will clash with 1/60 DX series and the Perfect Grade lineup.

  • LED as built in gimmick for MG series

    If you noticed many of the newer MG Gunpla kits have gimmicks that allows LED to fit in (for the eye and glowing sections). High chances the new MG series will have the LED come together with the kit itself.

    Good example will be MG Gundam OO’s GN Drive and MG Jesta’s head gimmicks.

  • Interchangeable MG Kit Inner Frames

    Real Grade has detail inner frames but mostly come in one big piece, e.g. the whole arm or the whole leg. However kit bash seems to be difficult with that. It will be cool if MG Gunpla can be kit-bash friendly by making its joints and inner frame interchangeable.

    This concept stands high chances since Bandai recently encourage kit bash between HG and RG series. If this happens we can easily switch the limbs and torso between different MS.

  • Joint Lock / Tougher Joints for MG series

    Well… any Gunpla modeler will know the MS joints will eventually loose. It happens a lot on MS with big weapons. Joint Lock feature is tested on Perfect Grade OO Gundam before to prevent loose joints, although many plamo-er complaint it doesn’t work XD.

    If Joint Lock is too complicated, an alternative will be tougher joints similar to Revoltech. What I mean is the “tik” “tac” gimmicks which can hold much better than standard Gunpla joints, not the ugly ball design.