Using Mr Crystal Color (Pearl Colour) on Gundam Model

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The Brunei HobbyCon 2014 Plamo Challenge is coming in June! I have prepared a Purple MS-06EO Zaku II and a last minute painted Jesta for this contest. Thanks to my fellow toy collecting comrade Johnny, I get to test the Mr Crystal Color, or common known as pearl effect paint on Gunpla.

Mr Crystal Color (Pearl Color) Effect on Gundam Model

This is what happened before and after the clear blue coat. Left: Amethyst Purple Only; Right: with Clear Blue.

RGM-96X Jesta Painted Build – Banshee Colour Scheme

Months ago I have primed the Jesta with Mr Surfacer Grey 1200 and spray a coat of Mr Color Black, left it in the box and I forgot about it lol. While finishing my Zaku EO, I have the itch to make another kit so I resume the Jesta Banshee Colour Scheme Project.

Since it is painted in black, I have decided to make it shinny gloss by using the Mr Crystal Color. As a reference, I followed a few steps in Nan Nei’s Banshee. This is what I did:

Tools and Paint

Mr Crystal Color (Pearl Color) Effect on Gundam Model

All steps below are done by airbrush:

  1. Surfacer: Mr Surfacer Grey 1200
  2. First coat: Mr Color Black (Gloss)
  3. Second coat: Mr Crystal Colour Amethyst Purple
  4. Third coat: Gaia Clear Blue

Pearl Colour Paint on my Jesta

Mr Crystal Color (Pearl Color) Effect on Jesta Gundam Model

The end result is quite fascinating (at least for me). It gaves a nice 3 tones of black (shadow), dark blue (mid tone) and purple blue (highlights).

There will be another WIP post for my second entry, the HGUC 1/144 Jesta – Banshee Colour Scheme. I’ll cover the decal and metal parts there :D. See ya!